Free Photoshop Plugins – Cybia

Cybia offers a nice collection of free Photoshop plugins. These plugins are divided in two series, the “Works plugins” which includes 8 different plugins, those are

    AlphaWorks : 6 filters with various transparency properties
    ColourWorks : 20 filters for modifying the colours in your images
    EdgeWorks : 20 filters for producing edge/contour effects
    ScreenWorks : 30 filters with different screen/mesh overlays
    EmbossWorks : 20 filters containing simple emboss variations
    SwapShop : 15 filters that “swap” colour values in your images
    MasterBlaster : 20 filters to “blast” colours giving a strong cast
    Mezzy : 15 filters for producing mezzo and grain effects

These plugins were created sometime ago but they are still useful. The one I use the most out of these is the Alphaworks.

The second series is called “Fotomatic Plugins”. This series includes 8 plugins that offer effects based on traditional photography techniques. The Fotomatic plugins includes the following plugins.


You can check them out at Cybia’s site

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